Performing arts add texture and character to any community. The Montgomery Foundation seeks to nurture and encourage community performances and community events in the belief that they can help create pride in community and build the confidence of community support among aspiring artists.

This device was a water impeller used to power the historic Gray's Mill, located at River and Mill Streets. For its time, this impeller was cutting edge and considerably more efficient than the wagon wheel shaped mill wheels most of us associate with water powered milling. As you can see, there's little decor surrounding this historic item and no signage to identify it. And plenty of room for flower beds around it.

 Little Free Libraries are very popular with families because of their placement along walking paths and sidewalks close to home. The concept is "Take a Book, Leave a Book" and so the rotation of books and choices is nearly constant. Volunteer stewards help oversee the collections and answer any questions book donors or neighborhoods may have.

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