Little Free Libraries

 Little Free Libraries are very popular with families because of their placement along walking paths and sidewalks close to home. The concept is "Take a Book, Leave a Book" and so the rotation of books and choices is nearly constant. Volunteer stewards help oversee the collections and answer any questions book donors or neighborhoods may have.

Project Details

  • Little Free Libraries can be purchased from or built by volunteers.
  • Little Free Libraries are conveniently placed in areas of high pedestrian and bicycle traffic.
  • Residents donate books they have finished reading, and pick up new books they have yet to explore.

Project Gallery

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  • LFL_foxmoor

Little Free Library Objectives

  • Promote family reading through convenience and variety.
  • Build neighborhoods and community spirit through sharing.
  • Create libraries that children can visit "on their own" anytime.
  • Build reading and learning skills.
  • Put neglected or outgrown books back to good use.

Community Feedback

We have been amazed at how popular and well used our Little Free Library was right from the start! The selection is ever changing and includes books and magazines.

Stan and Marion Bond



The first Little Free Libraries in Montgomery have been amazing successes with both young and old. Hundreds of books have been circulated and re-read thanks to sharing and caring families.

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