Historic civil war era cannon in Montgomery IL riverside cemeteryIt is believed this cannon was a gift of Aurora's Grand Army of the Republic to Montgomery. It is nearly 120 years old. And Riverside Cemetery was once the site of training grounds for Union Army soliders preparing for their rendeavous with unforgettable American history.

When it was restored by volunteer effort and community business and individual donations, the Montgomery Foundation did not yet exist. We cannot say "Thank You" enough to the residents and area businesses who restored this historic item to the condition you see in this photo. This is testimony to what the power of community and volunteerism can accomplish. This is what The Montgomery Foundation hopes to support in the years ahead. As we look around us, there is still much to do.



Throughout Montgomery are examples of restorations, rehabilitations and innovations that can capture our community's history and heritage while also creating objects and areas of pride. Come join us in the mission of preserving and celebrating these important pieces of Montgomery.



  • Community spirit looks to the past, and to the future.
  • We seek to preserve the history that informs our current being.
  • We seek ideas and innovations that reflect the spirit of Montgomery and what it will become.
  • Do you have ideas? Please Contact Us to share them.

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