Grays Millstone

This device was a water impeller used to power the historic Gray's Mill, located at River and Mill Streets. For its time, this impeller was cutting edge and considerably more efficient than the wagon wheel shaped mill wheels most of us associate with water powered milling. As you can see, there's little decor surrounding this historic item and no signage to identify it. And plenty of room for flower beds around it.

Project Details

  • This is not currently a project of the Montgomery Foundation, but it is an historic item of great interest.
  • The area around it could certainly be made more beautiful and, perhaps become a downtown attraction.
  • Proper signage could help people understand this historic part of Montgomery and the important economic role it played.

Project Gallery

  • Millwheel_overview
  • Mill_wheel

Common Objectives

  • Develop a plan to make this a tourist point of interest.
  • Partner with other area stakeholders including the Fox Valley Park District.
  • Verbalize the history of this item and the importance of the historic Gray's Mill to the area.
  • Help visitors understand what water powered mills were used for and why they were so popular.
  • Stop the deterioration of this priceless artifact and transform it into a point of community pride.

Historical Footnote

Visible and tangible pieces of history such as this are too precious to let go unnoticed and unappreciated.

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